TASC Special Exam Provisions for Level 3 Students

TASC provides special exam arrangements for eligible students in the categories below, where their disability significantly impacts on their ability to perform in exams, complete assignments and to access the curriculum.

A letter was sent to all Level 3 students on March 23 via their Home Group teacher, which outlines the application process. Students who feel they may be eligible can contact either Di Richards or Anna Crocker in Student Services to discuss their application. All Year 12 students who were granted special exam consideration last year will be required to re-apply if they wish to be considered again this year.

Eligible students will fall in the following categories: Learning Disability (e.g. dyslexia, writing Disorder, and ADHD); medical/physical disability (e.g. diabetes, epilepsy) psychological (e.g. anxiety, bipolar, eating disorders) visual impairment, hearing impairment, and refugee status.

Students can book an appointment at recess or lunch with either Anna Crocker or Di Richards.