Academic Excellence at Elizabeth College

Paediatrics, International Law, Oncology, Urban Planning and Game Design: these are some of the aspirational careers that the current crop of Year 12 students taking the Elizabeth College Advanced Academic Diploma are heading for. This long-running program for academic high achievers in Years 11 and 12 has just been recognised at the “Together We Inspire” Department of Education awards, taking out the top award for its commitment to the principles of aspiration and excellence. The ECAAD Diploma is a two-year program, modelled on the International Baccalaureate Diploma, that supports selected students to achieve at the highest level in their pre-tertiary studies. Students undertake an application process or are nominated by their high schools to enter the program under the care of Co-ordinator, Will Walker, a team of specialised teachers, and with the support of their peers. Central to the diploma is the expectation that students study a broad range of disciplines, including English and at least one subject from three of the other National Curriculum learning areas. Many specialise in a discipline beyond college through the University of Tasmania High Achiever Program. They also actively participate in the wider life of the college through sport, drama, public speaking, music and service. The program has a strong focus on wellbeing and students’ academic studies are enriched by the challenges of a Contemporary Issues and Culture program in which they examine, question and debate the great challenges of our time. For these students, the ECAAD program is an invaluable opportunity to thrive intellectually and grow as questioning, confident and ethically responsible future leaders.