Professional Learning Teams Focus 2023

As we move towards the end of Term 3, I felt it was important to share with our community some of the great work that our Professional Learning Teams (PLTs) are doing. This year one of our school improvement priorities is Collaboration Through Inquiry so staff have been working in collaborative teams and using evidence to make informed decisions. We know that when we work in teams, it builds collective capacity and improves student learning outcomes. As a staff, we recently met to check in on team progress to date.

Below is a snapshot of the work of our teams:

Alternative Programs

  • Focusing on using data to know students so that they are connected to College and on track with their courses

Digital Technologies

  • Focusing on student engagement with feedback so that students know where their learning is and how to move it forward


  • Focusing on strategies to engage students in reading published texts so that students are confident readers and connected to the material they are reading

Student Services

  • Focusing on systems and processes so that staff are well informed about students with additional learning and wellbeing needs


  • Focusing on student engagement in Mathematics and supports they can access to grow academically


  • Focusing on student engagement through the use of student voice and co-curricular experiences to support learning so that students have input into their learning and are exposed to real life experiences

Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Focusing on differentiation so that students can access and engage with their courses with confidence

Languages/ English as an Additional Language

  • Focusing on listening which is a core skill that complements speaking, reading and writing skills


  • Focusing on library support for courses that involve inquiry research work as part of their assessment so that students are aware of the resources that are available to them and able to research effectively

Performing Arts

  • Focusing on feedback to improve student engagement


  • Focusing on improving students’ literacy skills so that they better understand the meaning and requirements of the verbs that commonly appear in assignments, tests and research tasks


  • Focusing on student attendance to improve attainment


  • Focusing on VET pathways for students so that students who want to pursue a trade and apprenticeships are informed and supported through course offerings

Visual Arts

  • Focusing on teacher moderation of student’s work to ensure agreement of TASC standards and improve feedback so that student performance improves

As a staff we are committed to a continuous improvement agenda and ensuring the best outcomes possible for the students we work with. You would note some similarities across the PLTs – engagement, attendance, literacy and knowing our students. We cannot do this work alone. We thank our parents/carers for helping us to ensure our students are connected and on track, and our students for doing their best.

Best Wishes,

Shane Fuller – Principal