Advanced Academic Diploma-ECAAD

Elizabeth College offers a unique program for students who wish to achieve at the highest level in their pre-tertiary studies.

ECAAD provides a supportive environment, a diverse range of boundary-pushing and extension activities, and study skills and wellbeing workshops to help students flourish, build resilience, explore ideas, make friends and achieve their best. Students who have a strong academic and extra-curricular background and are interested in actively exploring new ideas and activities may apply for a place in the programme.

Participation in the ECAAD programme is by Expression of Interest at the end of Year 10 for the Year 11 programme, and again at the end of Year 11 for students who wish to continue in Year 12. Each student’s progress and participation in the programme is reviewed at the start of Term 3 each year.

How the programme works:

  • ECAAD students are assigned to a Home Group with other ECAAD students. This provides a supportive environment of like-minded students who meet once per week during scheduled HG time with their HG teacher. (NOTE: ECAAD students still attend regular classes and operate on the same timetable as all other students).
  • There are three or four ECAAD HGs, depending on the number of successful applicants each year.
  • HG time may be spent in separate HGs with individual HG teachers, or as the whole ECAAD cohort.
  • Students will attend an overnight camp at the beginning of the year to get to know their peers and help settle into college life.
  • We provide study skills, time management and exam preparation seminars.
  • Students participate in a Contemporary Issues and Culture programme that aims to present a range of ideas and experiences beyond the curriculum. These include guest speakers, group discussions and debates, excursions to the cinema/theatre, museum/gallery visits and music performances.
  • Students will participate in a series of wellbeing workshops where they will learn skills to help them to flourish as individuals and build resilience.
  • We offer opportunities to enjoy adventure activities such as bushwalking, rock-climbing, abseiling and rafting.
  • Successful applicants should actively participate in an Elizabeth College sport, drama, music, community service or representative teams as offered in the Enrichment or sports program.
  • The ECAAD program actively supports students who wish to apply for the University of Tasmania High Achiever Program.

To be eligible to receive the Diploma at the end of Year 12 candidates must:

– attain an Australian Tertiary Admission Ranking (ATAR) of 90+ at the end of their College studies,

– participate in approximately two thirds of the activities offered by the programme,

– represent the College in sport, drama, music, or representative team such as debating,

– participate in community service activities whist at College, and

– study pre-tertiary English and subjects from at least three of the other National Curriculum learning areas (Mathematics, Sciences, Languages, HPE, SOSE, Technology and the Arts) whilst at the College.

If you are interested in undertaking the Elizabeth College Advanced Academic Diploma, please refer to the ECAAD Brochure and submit an application in either digital or hard-copy form to the ECAAD Coordinator. All candidates will be notified of the success of their applications before the school year begins. All enquiries to Jason Hoare via email: