Athlete Development Program

Elizabeth College currently runs one of the largest Athlete Development Programs (ADP) in the state.

As part of their regular timetable for Year 11 and 12 students, Elizabeth College also offers Athlete Development Programs for Soccer and

Basketball along with a ‘General’ class for athletes from any other sports (team or individual).

Students interested in enrolling in the ADP program must play in an organised sporting competition in the year they undertake the course and have access to a coach who can report on their progress. ADP enrolment is open to students regardless of ability or experience as long as they are passionate about improving their performance.

The ADP provides students with an opportunity to develop their sport specific skills and their sport specific fitness which will ultimately lead to improved sport performance. ADP’s holistic approach to developing athletes also includes sports tutorials sessions that enable participants to develop knowledge around a number of key areas such as sports nutrition, methods of training, components of fitness, physiology, sport psychology and competition preparation.

The course is a Level 2 TASC subject and is delivered by highly qualified and experienced HPE Staff who work closely with coaches and a strength and conditioning coach to deliver a comprehensive and specialised program for students.

For further information please contact:

Sarah Briggs on +61 3 6235 6519