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2019 Booklist

The 2019 Booklist is now available. Elizabeth College is partnering with OfficeMax for 2019 Back To School textbook and stationery ordering. OfficeMax are providing free delivery to all Elizabeth College back to school orders.

You will need your confirmed enrolment details and the OfficeMax access key to place your order. The OfficeMax access key is located at the top of the Booklist.  STAS eligible students will need their 2019 STAS approval number available to complete their order. To obtain 2019 STAS approval use the STAS application form.

Last Day Activities – Friday 9th November

FREE BBQ Lunch for all outside the canteen, including vegetarian and vegan options.

MEGA RACE WARRIOR JUMP – a cross between Ninja Warrior and It’s a Knockout

MECHANICAL BULL – test your Rodeo skills

LASER TAG in Gymnasium – turn up and compete as a team of 5 friends or come along and be sorted into a team. You must have returned your permission form to main office.

KARAOKE, music and EC talent quest, deck outside D Block


TEACHER DUNK – donate a coin to charity to have a go – throw a bean bag successfully at a target to drop a bucket of water on the lucky teacher volunteer. Chip in more money for your requested teachers. Outside the canteen.

PHOTO BOOTH – free unlimited photos of your memories of last day to take home. Bring some friends, grab some props and have some fun being creative.

BOARD GAMES and MOVIE in H Block common room.

SMACK THE RAT – Rid EC of this pesky nuisance.

HUMAN NOUGHTS AND CROSSES – on the grass outside D-Block



Heaps of FREE PRIZES just for participating as well as prizes for winners including Village Cinema Movie Passes, icy poles, drinks, fairy floss and snow cones.

University Summer College

We are pleased to announce that the University of Tasmania in partnership with the Department of Education will be offering a four-day senior secondary residential Summer program, University Summer College, for Year 11 students moving into Year 12 in 2019. This will be held from 29th January – 1st February 2019 at the University of Tasmania’s Sandy Bay campus in Hobart.

For more information please see the flyer and application form below.

Summer College – Elizabeth College

University Summer College Application