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The program for Block 1 Enrichment is now published and students can view a range of options available to them. Enrolment in at least one activity is compulsory for all students and will take place in next week’s Home Group 3rd March (you can do more than 1 if you like!). There’s a wide range of choices for everyone in categories like adventure, sport and recreation, health and fitness, certificate courses for formal qualifications, clubs and societies, music and a range of others. Students should check carefully the time, day and cost are suitable and work with your school timetable. There are also important meetings scheduled early on for many off campus activities (check the program for details). Get together and do something fun with a group of friends, or join a group of other like minded individuals. There’s something for everyone! For more information email Stephen Cameron, Enrichment Coordinator:

Changes to the Hobart City Interchange effective 11 October 2020

What is changing?

  1. Stops will be renamed
  2. Some routes will use different stops
  3. Some services will depart a few minutes later

Why are things changing?

  1. Buses can access the western side of the interchange again now that hotel construction is complete – a new stop will open called B1
  2. Stop names are changing so they are easier to understand navigate
  3. Some services are changing departure time or stop to reduce congestion on stops at the busiest times of the day, especially in the afternoon peak. This will allow services more time to load passengers without other buses waiting to access the stop

Where can I learn more?

Information and maps are available on the Metro website at and our customer service team can be reached at 13 22 01.