Bring Your Own Laptop

As we move towards ‘anytime, anywhere learning’ students need access to technology to support their learning wherever possible. Laptops provide the opportunity to enhance learning by freeing learners from the restrictions of a typical classroom and increasing student access to laptops for digital research, communication and creation.

A laptop is a requirement for all students at Elizabeth College. Students will be required to have their own personal laptop (Windows or Macbook) on campus each day to connect to our wireless network to access the internet, email and cloud storage provided by the Department of Education. All students are entitled to a free copy of Microsoft Office 365 as part of the Department’s home use program. Instructions for downloading can be found on the student intranet or in the College Library.

Students who do not have access to their own personal laptop will be required to complete the loan agreement form below. This will incur an additional levy of $100 per year. This levy will not apply to students approved for Student Assistance Scheme (STAS).

For more information about our BYOL policies and guidelines please click below:

BYOL Information

Laptop Loan Agreement