Chaplaincy Program

The role of the Chaplain has been a vital aspect of the provision of student support at Elizabeth College spanning the last 20 years. The position is currently jointly funded by the School Chaplaincy Committee, Elizabeth College and through donations from local churches and individuals. The Chaplain is available Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week.

Who is EC’s Chaplain?

Our Chaplain is Cameron Brett. He has an office in Nangaree, Room 102 on the ground floor. He can be contacted on +61 3 6235 6564.

What are the aims of the Chaplaincy Program?

The work of our Chaplain links closely to priorities identified in the EC School Plan aimed at improving targets in Retention and Attainment and developing Highly Skilled and Valued People. His work aims to:

  • encourage and build confidence in students
  • support students in their learning programs
  • foster health and well-being
  • consolidate and build community relationships
  • contribute towards the provision of a safe and supportive learning environment
  • and improve student attendance, participation and attrition rates.

Our Chaplain’s work is also strategically planned and supported through the School Chaplaincy Committee with six agreed goals guiding his actions:

  1. strategically plan for avenues to provide extra support to students, particularly across exam periods
  2. continue to build on church/community relationships
  3. continue to provide opportunities to engage with community organisations and social justice projects
  4. continue to develop relationships with as many staff and students as possible by organising strategic events/opportunities for relationship-building
  5. continue to develop new ways to encourage social inclusion across the campus
  6. continue to run the Breakfast Club each Wednesday morning

What sorts of things does a Chaplain do?

The Chaplain is an integral part of our Student Services section and attends weekly meetings with our Counsellors, Learning Support Manager, School Psychologist, Youth Worker, College Police and Security Officers and Transition personnel. The chaplain is available to support students, parents and staff. If you would like to make an appointment for your child or yourself to see the chaplain, please contact Cameron or the college office.