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This will be a central resource for IT Information.

Having Problems with IT?

Follow the steps in this document to resolve your issue.

Having Problems with IT?


Connecting to Student Email

Student Email – Web browser

Student Email – iOS

Student Email – Android




Office 365 – Home Use

Guide – Microsoft Office 365 Home Use – Student Guide


Install Microsoft Teams

Guide – Install Microsoft Teams (Students)


If your IT issue isn’t listed here, please try the following FAQ’s before contacting the school for IT support:

Teaching and Learning Centre – IT Support for Students

Elizabeth College – Student IT Documentation

Learning at Home – Technology Support


NBN Support for those Students without Internet at Home

To help Australians respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, NBN Co is providing up to $50 million to assist phone and internet providers to support low-income family households with school-aged children who do not currently have an active NBN connection at home.

This funding will help phone and internet providers create more affordable offers to connect eligible families during Term 2. More than 20 phone and internet providers nationwide have agreed to participate in this program.

The assistance period runs from 1 April 2020 to 30 September 2020. Each phone and internet provider has their own pricing structure and may still charge a fee for monthly access, data costs and account set up fees.

Phone and internet providers that are ready to connect customers as of 1 May 2020 are:

Activ8me | – 132 288

Aussie Broadband | Р1300 880 905

IPSTAR Broadband | – 132 800

SkyMesh | – 1300 759 637

Superloop | – 1800 101 210

Southern Phone | – 131464

Flip Connect | – 1300 354 788


Full details re the NBN support are available here.


Accessing Extra Mobile Data


Accessing Clickview

Guide – ClickView Online


Student Intranet