Leadership Team

Principal, Dr Dianne Purnell

I have been Principal of Elizabeth College since 2010. My vision for the College is to have all our students complete Year 12, hopefully having achieved their TCE, so that they are ready for life after college, whether this be further training, employment or university. I am passionate about creating a supportive, safe environment where students are treated as young adults and encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning, which will set them up to be good citizens with productive and happy futures.

Assistant Principal, Rebecca Wilson

As an Assistant Principal I love working with young people and helping them to stay ‘connected and on track’ while they are here at EC. Each day I am inspired by the talented, creative students in our classrooms and the dedicated, specialised staff who mentor them to achieve fantastic learning outcomes. As part of my role I work closely with Performing Arts, English, ESL/LOTE, Student Services and Communications teams. Elizabeth College is a dynamic learning community; I am proud to be part of and I look forward to meeting and working with students, parents and community members.

Assistant Principal, Helen Cooke

I have been Assistant Principal at Elizabeth College for the last 14 years. I have taught maths at various schools in Hobart and Melbourne since the start of my teaching career. In my Assistant Principal role I am responsible for the Maths, Science and VET programs, as well as the International Student Program.  My primary goal is to help all our students feel good about coming to college and to enjoy and take advantage of all the opportunities offered to them.

Assistant Principal, Shane Fuller

My role as one of the Assistant Principals at Elizabeth College is a privilege and I thank those who entrust their students to our care. Our work as educators focuses on developing the whole person. We strive to equip young people to live and work happily and successfully in the 21st Century. My work focuses on:

  • Home Group
  • Library Learning Hub
  • Careers
  • Major college events
  • Student and staff wellbeing
  • Professional learning for staff
  • Mentoring new staff
  • The learning areas of Humanities and Social Sciences and Visual Arts
  • School of Business

The partnership between students, teachers and parents/carers is integral to the success of our students. I commend Elizabeth College to you as an inclusive environment that is always engaged in a continual improvement agenda.

Assistant Principal, Oliver Close

I have been a teacher at Elizabeth College for a number of years now. As Assistant Principal, I have responsibility for the curriculum areas of Health & Physical Education, Alternative Programs and Technology. I also oversee enrolments, transition, assessment and reporting, TCE and flexible learning. I’m passionate about my job. Making a positive difference in people’s lives is a great motivator! I enjoy the opportunity to work in range of areas to assist our students to develop the skills needed to achieve their goals and set the platform for their continued success in life after college.