Student Leadership Group

The Student Leadership Group is an inclusive team of students who aspire to make a positive difference. They are active citizens, community minded, positive and caring representatives of, and advocates for, the student body. The Student Leadership Group provides students with an opportunity to share student voice on behalf of their peers with College staff. Students and teachers work together with a view to increase engagement, build connections and belonging, create a positive environment and culture, and develop personal and social capabilities. They initiate school and/or community activities such as Wellbeing Day, participate and encourage participation in school, cultural and community events and develop/demonstrate skills in collaboration, planning, organising and communicating, all with an action-based mindset.

Being a part of the Student Leadership Group allows students to learn about themselves and develop their leadership skills. At Elizabeth College, we believe that leadership is not exclusive and therefore, the Student Leadership Group is open to all students who want to make a positive difference.