Students with Medical Conditions

Students with Medical Conditions

Students with serious or complex medical conditions that may require care or assistance whilst at Elizabeth College need to provide a current Medical Action Plan to the College prior to starting the school year. The documents need to be reviewed every 12 months and at any given time when the management of the health issue changes.

This information will be treated sensitively, placed on the student file and shared with relevant staff to ensure the safety of the young person.

The following conditions require a Medical Action Plan.

ConditionWhat is neededWhere to get the plan More information
Anaphylaxis/allergyASCIA Action PlanYour Doctor
AsthmaAsthma Action PlanYour Doctor
DiabetesDiabetes Action Plan and Diabetes Management Plan signed by treating Medical Team, parent/caregiver and principalYour treating Medical Team or Diabetes Nurse Educator
Epilepsy/ SeizuresMedical Management/Action PlanYour Doctor

Epilepsy Tasmania can also create a plan for you.
Epilepsy Tasmania can provide information and support with arranging plans. You can get in contact with them by phoning: 63446881 or 1300852853.
Any other Serious or complex medical conditionMedical Management PlanYour Doctor or Medical TeamIf you wish to discuss this with the college, you can contact us by phone 6235 6555 or alternatively you can contact our school health nurses on 6235 6515



Students who require medication to be administered during the day at college or when attending camps/trips will need to complete an Authorisation to Administer Medication. For prescription medications a Doctor will need to complete the form and for non-prescription medications a parent/carer can complete the form.

If you would like any assistance with this process, please contact the college office ph. 6235 6555 or email Our School Health Nurses are also happy to help.