Student Services

Student Services Team

The Student Services staff are highly trained specialists who support and help students facing a range of issues. The team have developed a comprehensive referral network outside of the college such as: Headspace, Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH), Clare House, Drug and Alcohol services, The Link, Housing, Mental Health Services, Disability Services, Crisis Assessment team, General Practitioners and psychiatrists.

The Student Services team are located in the terraced house next door to D block, on Elizabeth Street. Appointments can be made by contacting the Student Services receptionist 6235 6559.

Students can self-refer, or parents and teachers can make a referral on behalf of the student.

Student Services Receptionist


Sarah is available from 8.30am to 4.00pm each day to help you make an appointment with one of the Student Services team. See Sarah at the top of the stairs in the Student Services building.

Support Teachers

The Support Teacher role focuses on young people who have a disability, or who have an identified learning need. Damian is available to work with young people, parents/carers and teachers to develop learning plans; and can work with young people and teachers to explore ways to support students’ participation in the classroom. He can provide advice, information and referral for young people, teachers and families. This can include supporting young people to access the National Disability Insurance Scheme and other community supports.

Teacher Assistants

Teacher Assistants work closely with the Student Support Teachers, Student Services team and Teachers to provide support for students with additional learning needs. Our Teacher Assistants work closely with students in and outside the classroom.


Sandy Verrier, Jane Shearing, Dee Morgan, Narelle Trail, Ange Spooner, Alana Czerniawski, Rebecca Strong

Counsellors provide a safe space for students to develop goals. This is achieved by working together to create a ‘support plan’ and making positive changes in their lives through discussing strategies, building resilience, therapeutic intervention; or simply being heard non-judgementally.

The main aim of school counselling is to support the student in their education. Psychoeducation is also provided for staff, students and parents such as information on brain development in adolescence, substance abuse, sleep hygiene, anxiety and depression.

Counsellors can organise referrals to other agencies e.g. Headspace, Clare House, Pulse, Relationships Australia.

School Psychologists

School psychologists offer assessment, diagnosis and management of mental health issues; learning difficulties; and developmental disorders.

The psychologists work with students, teachers and families to develop intervention strategies such as: support with educational planning; risk assessment, crisis management and safety planning.

The psychologists are also part of the counselling team.

Social Worker


Social workers are professional practitioners who provide confidential counselling and support to students and their families around a range of issues. These may include relationships, mental health difficulties, stress management, attendance issues, grief counselling and conflict resolution. They provide assistance for families and students at risk of harm (from self or from others) such as suicide, self-harm, child protection issues or risk of homelessness.

Angela works with individuals, groups and communities and is also part of the counselling team.

Youth Workers

Youth Workers are an integral part of the Student Services team at Elizabeth College. They are specialised in a range of areas.


Jane’s role as a Youth Worker incorporates a holistic view of students’ wellbeing, to support and maintain them in education. This is strengthened by the networks within and outside the college environment, covering such issues as Centrelink, Accommodation, Counselling, Mediation and Advocacy especially in dealing with relationships between families, peers and sexuality.

Jane is also part of the counselling team.


Narelle’s role as a Youth Worker is to support International, Exchange and Refugee students to ensure a smooth transition to Elizabeth College. Narelle can support students to manage any issues that may be impacting on their studies or personal well-being including issues they may have with communication and cross-cultural or social adjustment difficulties.

Narelle is also part of the counselling team.

Careers Advisor


Dave’s office is located in the Careers Centre in the Library. Dave’s role is to advise students on various career-related matters such as university and TasTAFE courses, apprenticeships and traineeships, part-time/casual job applications and resumes, as well as offer general career planning advice. Students can book an appointment with Dave here.

Dave also works closely with Hobart City High School in preparing grade 10 students with pathway planning and the transition to College.

School Nurses

Our school nurses are both experienced nurses who are passionate about youth health. They provide a confidential service where students can book an appointment to discuss any personal health issues they might have. The nurses provide health education and health promotion to students one on one, in groups, or in classrooms, as well as liaise with other healthcare providers to enable the young people at EC to be able to understand and utilise better health care and education in Hobart and surrounds.



Johnathan's role as a chaplain is to help students stay 'Connected and On Track' by mentoring and building meaningful relationships. A chaplain provides a safe and stable presence on campus.

Campus Support Manager

The Campus Support Manager plays an integral role in ensuring Elizabeth College is a safe and supportive environment for students and staff, offering advice and support and assisting the Student Services team.