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The Elizabeth College Subject Guide lists classes on offer in 2024. Please note that classes are dependent on enrolment numbers and may be subject to change.


The 2024 Year 11 and 12 Course Guide is a list of all courses offered in schools and colleges across Tasmania.


Want An Amazing Year 11 And 12 Experience?

Hear from one of our recent graduates, Billie Raffety, about what makes Elizabeth College so special.

Our Supportive College Environment

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Hobart City Partner Schools is a collaborative partnership between Elizabeth College and Hobart City High School. We are working together to develop and provide a combined educational delivery model for Years 7-12.

Hobart City High School’s Big Picture Learning is an innovative alternative to mainstream education. Students are supported to explore their interests and passions, combining academic work with real-world internships, and to plan their own pathway to employment, further study or enterprise opportunities. For more information and to receive an application package, contact Hobart City High School on 6228 8800 or by email: hobart.city.high@education.tas.gov.au.

Find out about Big Picture Learning at the Ogilvie campus
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What is VET?
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One of our Vocational Education and Training courses at Elizabeth College is your pathway to further education, employment or training. Choose from Construction, Automotive, Tourism, Community Services, Sport and Recreation, Kitchen Operations, Hospitality, Retail Cosmetics, Business and Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways. They all count towards your Tasmanian Certificate of Education, too.

Interested in enrolling in a VET program at Elizabeth College?

  • Complete a preliminary enrolment during the specified enrolment sessions.
  • Attend a suitability interview with the VET coordinator to find out more about the program and to check the course is suitable for you to be successful.
  • If suitable, enrolment process will be finalised.



Our motto in the Alternative Pathways program at Elizabeth College is ‘everyone is welcome’. It doesn’t matter what your abilities are, we cater for every need. You’ll learn lots of new skills: café barista, Responsible Service of Alcohol, first aid, as well as polish up your literacy, numeracy and ICT through hands-on creative projects.


By choosing one of our Digital Technology classes at Elizabeth College, you can move from being a consumer and user of technology to a maker and creator of the products and systems that enhance our lives. Bring your dreams to life through 3D Modelling, Game Design, App Development and Computer Science.


If you want to travel the world, work in trade or international organisations, in Australia or abroad, have a career in tourism or hospitality, or be attractive to employers in a whole range of contexts, choosing to learn Japanese, Chinese, German or French at Elizabeth College will give you all that and more.


Whether you want to improve your basic literacy skills and get on track with your chosen career, build your essay writing skills for pre-tertiary study, unlock your creativity and find your voice as an author or deepen your knowledge of history, culture and the critical issues of the world today, we have a course in English that is just right for you.


If you want an active, fit and healthy lifestyle, love your sport, recreation and relaxation, our extensive Health, Physical, Recreation and Outdoor Education programs at Elizabeth College will get you moving, open doors to careers in science and education, police work, and all the medical professions, build your fitness and resilience and form strong relationships whilst you take on new challenges and experiences.


By choosing the right Maths option for you at Elizabeth College you will develop strong research and analytical skills, improve your problem solving abilities and get great qualifications that will set you up for a uni degree, TAFE course or apprenticeship.


Do you enjoy Music? Drama? Dance? Performing Arts at Elizabeth College is a vibrant hub for Arts education in Tasmania, whether you’re a beginner or already studying at a University level.

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Contemporary Music
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Drama 2
Drama 3
Music 3
Music Ensembles
Music Studies
Music Technology
Theatre Performance
Theatre Tech
UTAS Music


At Elizabeth College we have a wide range of science and technology subjects for you to choose from, at a level to suit you: Physical Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences, Biology, Environmental Science, Computing and Electronics, and, with our strong links with UTAS, you will be well-prepared for your university studies.


Businesses are a driving force in the Australian economy and choosing one of our Business Studies subjects at Elizabeth College will help you develop highly sought after transferrable skills that are easily adaptable for any future career imaginable.


The diverse range of subjects you’ll find in Humanities at Elizabeth College will examine the histories, cultures and behaviours of humankind. You will be inspired to ask questions, foster social justice and develop as an informed citizen, as well as develop your writing, critical reading and research skills.


The subjects of Design and Production, Housing and Design, Automotive Studies and Foods and Cooking in the Technology Learning Area at Elizabeth College will suit creative and practical learners – either as a career pathway or as a great partner to your academic studies.


Studying one of our many Visual Arts subjects at Elizabeth College will give you the tools to interpret and create the visual and digital texts that enrich our lives today. You can specialise in Mixed Media, Ceramics, Graphic Design, Digital Art, Photography, and Video developing your practice over the course of the year in supportive classes that nurture your creativity.